My Story: A Journey Begins


Alhamdulillah, on 14th February 2009, I arrived Dubai for a very essential mission with two-pronged objectives i.e. to conduct my empirical study as well as to gain international exposure, working with the world class institution, the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). I’ll be here in Dubai for the next three months from February until May. Within this period I have been planning to travel throughout the whole GCC countries from UAE to Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen, Bahrain and more importantly Saudi Arabia to perform umrah. InsyaAllah, with Allah’s Mercy and Bounty, I am planning to bring my whole family to Dubai and afterward if possible to visit Makkah and Madinah.

I would like to express my extreme gratitude to Mr. Shamsulfaiz, a very good friend of mine who is working as a solicitor in one of the prominent legal firms in Dubai that kindly offer me free accommodation at the Dubai International City. I really appreciate his generosity, kindness and may Allah gives His blessing to him and his family. Deep in my heart, to my beloved wife and my adorable Ameen, Iffah and Izzah, I crazily miss you all.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. (Lao-tzu, 604 BC – 531 BC)

Best Regard

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  • Dubai International Financial Centre

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  • Ibnu Battuta Mall, Dubai

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    Malaysian Community in Dubai.

  • One thought on “My Story: A Journey Begins

    1. hnyhar says:

      Wow..what a great place! Deep in my heart, I always pray for your success. As the journey begins, you ought to grab this golden opportunity to capture every single moment..May Allah bestows His full blessings on you. Though we truly need you at this moment in time, we can afford ourselves to be as strong as you are. This is our destiny.

      We would like to wish you the very best of luck with your temporary move to the Dubai, the 71st most expensive cities in the world [to live].

      Hope to see you next month my dearest.

      Warm thoughts,

      Nani, Ameen, Iffah & Izzah.

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