The Social Contract: A Must Know Document for All Fellow Malaysian


In view of the recent political issues in Malaysia, I always believe that it is extremely important for us to really understand the actual history of our nation. This time I would like to touch on the issue of social contract which is considered a basis for our independence in 1957. Surprisingly, without knowing the existence of such important document, there was actually a written agreement on social contract that unanimously agreed by the three main political parties i.e. UMNO, Malayan Chinese Association (MCA) and Malayan Indian Congress (MIC). I attach herewith the said document concerning the Political Testament of the Alliance, a memorandum by Tunku Abdul Rahman which was duly signed by representatives from UMNO, the MCA and the MIC. This document is scanned from a three-volume book entitled “British Document on the End of Empire: Malaya”. Just read and ponder.

Enjoy reading!
Best Regard

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