My Story: Happy Birthday

Exclusive to my beloved Wife, Hanani Harun.

A Person who brings a smile on my face
A Person who always laugh at my jokes
A Person who always is there by my side

I wish you happy birthday and may Allah gives His blessing to you.

Your Hubby

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  • Jakarta, Indonesia

    3 thoughts on “My Story: Happy Birthday

    1. hnyhar says:

      heheheh…tenkiu so much dear..
      i’ll always be by your side, sharing our precious moment & providing my continual support to u to complete ur study..will do!
      nothing is worthier than having ur love n affection.

      blessed ramadhan & oncoming eid!!

      dear to ur heart..HH

    2. Happy Birthday HH.

      Eh Zul apsal gambar ko tu tak mengadap kamera ?
      style baru ke? haha

    3. ouafaa says:

      masha allah indonisia have good people muslim in the world masha allah wala 9owata ila billah ^^

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