An Islamic Perspective on Governance


Dear my weblog readers,

I am very pleased to share with you my recent article in the form of book review published in the Review of Islamic Economics, a leading international refereed journal in Islamic finance. The book that I review basically provides a systematic analysis of governance from an Islamic viewpoint. I strongly recommend this book especially to those interested to learn more about governance from Islamic perspective.


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    One thought on “An Islamic Perspective on Governance

    1. Maria Maimoona says:

      Dear Sir,

      Yours is a great review but slightly restraining in giving full credit where it is due. The list of DO MORES, that is suggested by you, while a need of the hour, cannot be justifiably accomodated in a book that has already shown path-breaking research in some 300 pages. They define the agenda of a team rather than of an individual.

      Also, three key contributions of the book are altogether ignored. First, it conceives and re-costitutes an Islamic theory of economic justice in the lingua franca of the West. Second, it neutralizes the continuous attacks on Islamic Finance based on theorry of asymmetric information a la Timur Kuran. And, third, it speculates a highly innovative theory of macroeconomic management (see page 322) that is distinct, neither Keynesian nor Libertarian, and yet very much Islamic. Such original thinking has not been done in Economics since the days of Keynes.

      In addition, the book is full of ideas that could keep on stimulating the seekers of truth for the coming probably 50 years to come.

      Zafar and Mervyn have no doubt written a classic in Islamic Economics which is crying for recognition.

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