My Recent Book: Shari’ah Governance in Islamic Banks

Shari’ah Governance in Islamic Banks
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

Available at:

An in-depth and insightful study of Shari’ah governance from a theoretical and practical perspective
Shari’ah governance has a profound influence on the day-to-day practice of Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs) and each jurisdiction has adopted a different approach to developing a governance framework. This book reviews these pluralistic approaches and identifies best practice.

Covers the following aspects:

Theoretical aspects of corporate and Shari’ah governance
The regulatory framework for Shari’ah governance
Shari’ah governance approaches
The role of the Shari’ah Board and the mechanisms for ensuring its independence, transparency and competence
Operational procedures of Shari’ah governance
An assessment of the Shari’ah Board
Examples, case studies and practical discussions based on IFIs in Malaysia, the GCC countries of Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia and the UK enliven the text.

ISBN: 9780748645589
Price: £75.00

Zulkifli Hasan

Hasan, Z. (2012). Shari’ah Governance in Islamic Banks. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.


4 thoughts on “My Recent Book: Shari’ah Governance in Islamic Banks

  1. Syamsulfaiz says:

    Congratulations bro….nanti balik KL aku beli satu..minta autograf haha

  2. faizamf says:

    Amazon says the book has not yet been release. Maybe Dr have an indication when it will be available in the Market. Maybe I can buy direct from you if you received some copies from the publisher. I just hope that major bookshop in Malaysia will not sell it at price which is beyond the affordability of normal Malaysian.

  3. solieheen says:

    Assalamualaikum Dr. Zul..
    i’m student from USIM (fsu/smsu), can i have a price at discount?can i purchase it from you directly?

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