My Recent Book ‘Fiqh Isu Semasa’.

“Fiqh Isu Semasa’.

This book offers critical analysis on selected and controversial issues pertaining to socio-politic, law and syariah, economics and finance, education, arts and ibadah. The author analyses selected Muslim related issues which are significant to our daily life such as Islamophobia, democracy, human rights, ethics, national budget, education, Islamic finance, role of religious authorities, the importance of financial planning, concept of ukhuwah with non-Muslims, conflict in Syria and Palestine, Islamic law of evidence, concept of oath, hudud, sirah of the Prophet Muhammad and etc. This book is useful for the general public as a simple guide and reference to understand the selected issues academically and not emotionally and more importantly to apprehend the issues with appropriate facts and objective thought.

Buku fiqh

Happy reading.

Zulkifli Hasan


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