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Journal Articles

  1. Daulah Madaniyah Menurut Al Ghannoushi
  2. An Analysis of the Courts’ Decisions on Islamic Finance Disputes, ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance, 3 (2): 41-71
  3. A survey of Shari’ah Governance Practices in Malaysia, GCC Countries and the UK
  4. Executive Summary: Sharīʿah Governance in Islamic Financial Institutions in Malaysia, GCC Countries and the UK
  5. An Islamic Perspective on Governance. Review of Islamic Economics, 14 (1), 207-209
  6. Regulatory Framework of Shari’ah Governance in Malaysia, GCC Countries and the UK, Kyoto Bulletin of Islamic Area Studies (2010 March, Vol. 3 No.2)
  7. Shari’ah and Legal Issues in Al-Bay’ Bithaman Ajil in the Case of of Arab-Malaysian Finance Bhd V Taman Ihsan Jaya Sdn Bhd & Ors [2008] 5 MLJ
  8. A Shariah Perspective on The “Letter of Offer” As Practised By the Islamic Financial Institutions: A comparative Study With the Malaysian Law of Contract
  9. Hak-hak wanita Islam dalam Kes Mungkir Janji untuk Berkahwin di Malaysia: Kajian Perbandingan antara Undang-undang Sivil dan Syariah, (2005) Jurnal Hukum
  10. Harmonisation of Shariah and Common Law in The Implementation Of Islamic Banking In Malaysia
  11. Role of the Islamic Financial Institution in Combating Money Laundering: Legal and Shariah Perspectives
  12. The Legal Thought Of Madhhab Syafi’i in the Implementation of Islamic Banking in Malaysia. Jurnal Undang-undang IKIM. Julai 2006. IKIM
  13. Shariah Governance in the Islamic Financial Institutions in Malaysia. (2006). Journal of Management and Muamalah International Islamic University of Selangor.
  14. Kedudukan Murtad Menurut Perspektif Undang-undang Malaysia
  15. Uqud in Financial Services for Entrepreneurship
  16. Perlaksanaan Sistem Perbankan Islam Di Malaysia: Perspektif Undang-undang
  17. Undang-undang Jenayah Islam di Malaysia: Sejauh Manakah Perlaksanaannya?
  18. Explanatory Note on Anti Money Laundering (Amendment) Act 2005
  19. The Effectiveness of the Administration of Waqf Land In Malaysia” (2007) 3 Shariah Law Reports, Lexis Nexis
  20. The Weaknesses of the Hague Rules and To What Extent the Reforms Made by the Hague-Visby Rules (2007) Malayan Law Journal
  21. Corporate Governance From Western And Islamic Perspectives
  22. Competition Law and Policy from Islamic Perspective
  23. Sulh dan Perlaksanaannya di Mahkamah Syariah
  24. Ethical Principles of Lawyers in Islam
  25. Sharia governance in Islamic financial institutions and the effect of the Central Bank of Malaysia Act 2009, J.I.B.L.R. 2010, 25(3), 105-108
  26. The Challenges of Globalization to Muslims Youth
  27. New Insight on Agency Theory in IFIs: A Reappraisal
  28. Corporate Governance in Islamic Financial Institutions: An Ethical Perspective
  29. Understanding Islamophobia: Between Perception and Reality
  30. Reassessing the Implementation of Islamic Finance
  31. Sejarah Undang-undang Keterangan Islam di Malaysia
  32. Yusuf al Qaradhawi, Mujaddid Kontemporari dan Sumbangan Pemikirannya
  33. Fiqh Demokrasi dan PRU13

21 thoughts on “My Journal

  1. Ruzian says:

    Saudara Zulkifli, Teruskan menulis dan selamat maju jaya dalam perjuangan Phd..Saya ingin mengucapkan terimakasih kerana paparan bahan di blog saudara telah banyak membantu saya dalam pengajaran dan penyelidikan.

  2. sadaf says:

    AOA………i send u mail hope u will help me………im doimg MBA and doing a project on my Sub Islamis Finance…i need materail on the topic Islamic Corporate Governance……

  3. suazzri says:

    Salam tuan,
    Berkenaan artikel tuan bertajuk “Islamic Perspective On The Competition Law and Policy”, sy ingin bertanya tahun bilakah ianya di isu? sy ingin gunakannya sebagai reference. Harap dapat email kepada saya ASAP. Thanks.

    • ZULKIFLI HASAN says:

      Zulkifli Hasan, 2005, “Islamic Perspective on Competition Law and Policy”, International Conference on Law and Commerce, International Islamic University Malaysia and Victoria University, Australia held on 29 September 2005.

  4. pako says:

    i am studying islamic finance and i must say your articles were very helpful. i really struggled to find information on “islamic finance and the law of the law” until i came across your articles. looking forward to reading further materials. thanks

  5. abdullah firdaus says:

    Aslm Sir.

    Sir saya nak tanya,sir ada artikel berkaitan tentang isu tanah x sir.. Saya sedang siapkan Academic Writing bertajuk “The Right of lnad After Death : An anylsis of Syariah and Felda Perspective”

    Saya juga sedang menyiapkan kajian sampingan.. tajuknya “Islamic Banking in Malaysia : A comparative study”.saya tgh kumpul model2 islamic banking dariu negara lain.
    Harap sir dapat membantu

  6. mohamad halim bin othman says:

    Salam Sdr Abdullah Firdaus

    Maaf saya mencelah
    .Sdr boleh rujuk buku oleh Dr Sudin Haron dan Prof Shanmugam untuk bahan comparative Islamic Banking.

  7. Bashir Lone says:


    I am graduate in Science & have done charetered accountancy from Institute of chartered accountants of India with 8 years post qualifiaction in Public practice. I am interested in pursuing masteres in Islamic Finance in Uk, USA & Australia ,Please Suggest me best universities .


    Allah Hafiz
    Bashir Lone
    Srinagar India

  8. asmak Husin says:

    saudara zulkifli, saya bercadang untuk membuat proporsal phd ttg combating financial crime within legal framework in malaysia. apakah pandangan saudara. boleh feedback saya

    asmak husin
    pensyarah CITU, UITM, Shah Alam

  9. sukmawati bt ramli says:

    Assalamualaikum…tuan…bagi jurnal ‘ Undang-undang Jenayah Islam Di Malaysia,sejauhmanakah pelaksanannya” di manakah ia di bentangkan dan tahun bila? ini bertujuan untuk melengkapkan maklumat bagi ringkasan artikel yg saya buat untuk asgment saya.

    sukma, ukm bangi.

    • ZULKIFLI HASAN says:

      9. Hasan, Z. (2007). Undang-undang Jenayah Islam Di Malaysia,sejauhmanakah pelaksanannya” dalam Pengajian Umum, Negeri Sembilan: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia.

  10. arief Bachtiar says:

    Salam Kenal
    Saya barusan buka blog anda, kalo ada waktu saya ingin tanya banyak tentang bank syariah, saya ngajar di UPN surabaya, Tq

  11. anna says:

    Salam Doktor,
    Berkenaan artikel tuan bertajuk “roles of islamic institution in combating money laundering: legal and shariah perspective” saya ingin bertanya bila ia dikeluarkan? saya ingin menggunakannya sebagai rujukan. Terima kasih.

    • DR. ZULKIFLI HASAN says:

      25. Hasan, Z. (2007). Roles of Islamic Financial Institution in Combating Money Laundering: Legal and Shari’ah Perspective, International Conference on Islamic Banking and Finance, International Islamic University Malaysia, Durham University, UK, Markfield Institute of Higher Education, UK and Dar Al-Istithmar, Saudi Arabia, 23-25th April 2007.

  12. ingin tahu says:

    salam saudara dr zukifli
    saya ingin bertanya berkenaan artikel tentang islamphobia. ada tidak yang berkaitan dengan business system

  13. fatin nazira says:

    assalamualaikum tuan. saya nak bertanya.
    berkenaan artikel tuan bertajuk ‘Perlaksanaan Sistem Perbankan Islam Di Malaysia: Perspektif Undang-undang’ sy ingin bertanya tahun bilakah artikel ini? sy ingin gunakannya sebagai reference. Harap dapat email kepada saya. terima kasih.

  14. Rabeah Bt Abdul Karim says:

    Assalamualaikum doctor,can you give some opinion on..’What are the biggest obstacles to develop Islamic Corporate Governance(theory and practice) in Malaysia and else where?tq.

  15. Buvanis says:

    Hi Dr. Zulkifli Hasan,

    I am a PhD Candidate from the University of Otago, New Zealand. Im writing a thesis on property rights of cohabitants in Malaysia, UK and New Zealand on a comparative basis. I have a few questions here. Firstly, If in any example situation, there is a Muslim couple who have not married, but buy a house together, and even before they got married, they break up. In that case, will the case fall under the Sharia court or the civil court? Secondly, how will the court determine the beneficial interest on the property bought? If couples of non-Muslims, the common law principles will take place. Does the same rule apply to Muslims?

    Thanks in advance. It’s much appreciated.

  16. khart2015 says:

    Hello. I was fortunate to discover your site. You seem very knowledgeable on current global economic issues. I recently travelled to SE Asia. Malaysia is a beautiful country.
    I am concerned…like many…about the global economic downturn…as well as, the differences in the values of currencies throughout SE Asia. I have been giving this issue a great deal of thought. The situation seems to often involve massive amounts of Chinese (etc.) loans and the U.S. (etc.) not wanting to back an increase in the value of SE Asian currencies (in general). If SE Asia adopted a single currency…like the Euro…it would probably have to freeze the existing currency loan payback amounts at a certain value…at the time a currency was adopted… in order to gain support and prevent conflict with lenders. Do you feel that this is one of the goals of ASEAN and the “developing” stock markets? The Euro has many difficulties that can be traced to the initial conversion of national currencies. Obviously, the value was based on the wrong products or services. Do you think there are better indicators? The value of the most commonly sold bag of rice in a country…etc. I have returned from Cambodia. I live in the U.S. The standard of living must increase worldwide…these markets are part of that story. Who can the U.S. sell to at these exchange rates? Who can buy our goods? Who can they sell to and provide for their families on the other side of the planet? This is unacceptable. Islamic finance has similar issues. Thanks, Katherine L. Hart

  17. mukmin says:

    Salam…Dr, if you don’t mind, may i know the details of article of ‘harmonisation of syariah and common law in the implementation of islamic banking’– d publisher and date..i really need it as a reference..thank you Dr..

    • DR. ZULKIFLI HASAN says:

      39. Hasan, Z. (2006). Harmonisation of Shariah and Common Law in the Implementation Of Islamic Banking In Malaysia, International Seminar on Shari’ah and Common Law, Islamic Science University Of Malaysia, 20-21st September 2006. unpublished.

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