My Recommended Reading

It is strongly recommended to read all of these pieces. It is worth to mention that only selected publications will be inserted in this site. I will update the information from time to time and wish you all, happy reading!

  1. islamicity-index
  2. Corporate Governance in Islamic Financial Institutions
  3. Regulatory Challenges of Islamic Capital Market
  4. Instrument of Regulation and Control of Islamic Bank
  5. Gharar and Its Effect on Contemporary Transaction
  6. Islamic Banking State of the Art
  7. Islamic Capital Market
  8. Regulation and Supervision of Islamic Banks
  9. Profit vs Interest in Economic Analysis and Islamic Law
  10. Shariah Rulings on Contemporary Banking Transaction With Interest
  11. Resolution and Recommendation of Islamic Fiqh Academy
  12. Riba, Bank Interest and Rationale of Its Prohibition
  13. The International Monetary System in the 21st Century. Could Gold Make a Comeback?
  14. Sources of Law Affecting Takaful
  15. Regulatory Framework of Takaful
  16. Towards A Unified Zakat System
  17. Origin of Islamic Banking
  18. Secrets of the Federal Reserve Bank
  19. Zakah: A Bibliography
  20. A Survey on the Institution of Zakah
  21. Waqf: A Bibliography
  22. Report of Israeli Think-Tank on the Global Muslim Brotherhood
  23. The Muslim 500 2012

4 thoughts on “My Recommended Reading

  1. zubaidah says:


    Could you recommend on what books or articles on issues of breach in Islamic contracts and its legal implications?

    • ZULKIFLI HASAN says:

      Abd al-Nasir Musa Abu al-Basl. 1999. Al-Qanun al-Madaniyy al-’Urduniyy Al-Nazriah al-‘Amah Li al-‘Aqd. Jordan: Dar al-Nafa’is.
      ’Ala al-Din Kharofa. 1997. Transactions In Islamic Law. 1st Ed. Kuala Lumpur: Percetakan Zafar Sdn. Bhd.
      Muhammad Uthman Shabir. 1996. al-Mu‘amalat al-Maliyyah al-Mu‘asarah fi al-Fiqh al-Islamiyy. 1st Ed. Jordan:Dar al-Nafa’is.
      Wahbah al-Zuhayli. 2002. Fiqh al-Islamiyy Wa Adillatuhu. Vol. IV. Kuala Lumpur: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.
      Razali Nawawi, Dr. 1999. Islamic Law On Commercial Transactions. Kuala Lumpur: CT Publications Sdn. Bhd.

  2. zurai says:

    Salam Sir,

    Nak tanye, boleh rekomen buku/article yang berkaitan dengan Shariah Comiittee meeting procedures on Shariah based products?

  3. I have been recommended a lot of books by friends and wanted to find a website that has reviews on these books so that I can read a bit about them and then I can choose which books I think I would like to read

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