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  • Dr. Zulkifli Hasan is a senior lecturer at Faculty of Shari’ah and Law, Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM). He holds various academic positions such as legislation editor for the Malaysian Journal of Shari’ah and Law, Shari’ah panel for the Institute of Fatwa Management and Research, USIM, journal reviewer for the International Journal of Business and Finance Research, Journal of Corporate Governance: International Review, International Journal of Business and Management Science, International Research Journal of Management and Business Studies, International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management as well as a member of the Advisory Editorial Board of the Shari’ah Law Reports and the Global Islamic Finance Magazine. He has been recently appointed as a Shari’ah Committee Member of Affin Islamic Bank as well as a committee member for the Association of Shari’ah Advisors. Despite his many academic commitments, Dr. Zulkifli is also active in community works, sitting as the Deputy Chairman, International Affairs Bureau of Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM).

    In term of industrial experiences, he has worked extensively in Islamic finance industry as an advocate and solicitor, in-house counsel for Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad, member of Rules and Regulations Working Committee for Association of Islamic Banking Institutions Malaysia and member of corporate governance working committee for Awqaf South Africa. He also underwent internship at Hawkamah, the Institute for Corporate Governance, Dubai International Financial Centre in 2009 whereby he assisted the Task Force on Corporate Governance in Islamic financial institutions (IFIs) to develop corporate governance guidelines for IFIs in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) as well as the Task Force on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) to specifically introduce the S&P/Hawkamah Pan Arab ESG Index for listed companies in 11 MENA markets.

    He obtained his first degree in Bachelor of Laws from International Islamic University (2001) and received his second degree in Bachelor of Shari’ah (2002) as well as Master of Comparative Laws (2004) from the same university. He received his Ph.D from the University of Durham, United Kingdom under the supervision of Professor Rodney Wilson and Dr. Mehmet Asutay.

    As an academic, he has published numerous articles in various academic journals such as Malayan Law Journal, Shari’ah Law Reports, International Review of Business Research, Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management, Kyoto Bulletin of Islamic Area Studies, ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance and Review of Islamic Economics and presented many papers in various conferences both local and abroad. His recent book entitled “Shari’ah Governance in Islamic Banks’ was published in June 2012 by the Edinburgh University Press. His research interest include corporate and Shari’ah governance and regulation in Islamic finance.

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    6 thoughts on “Professional Background


      i plan to a make thesis on Disclose of Imformation under Malaysian Islamic Banking System…
      there is no supervsor that master in that field other thn u

    2. As-salamu’alaykum Dr. Zulkifli

      I came across the presentation transcript oF your online paper CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FROM WESTERN AND ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE on the internet and would like to cite it in an article I am intending to send to a journal in mid August 2009.

      May I know whether whether the said paper has been published?

      If it has, I would appreciate very much if you could give me the details of the journal in which your paper was published and its date and whatever other relevant details necessary in footnote citation.

      I look forward to hear from you soonest possible.

      Thanking you in advance.

      Marilyn Ong Siew Ai
      (a.k.a. Malin Naqiyah Abdullah)

    3. md.khaled babar says:

      assalam walikum,am md.khaled babar a engineering and MBA graduate and now am willing to enroll myself into islamic banking and finanace industry am am little scared about the job opertunities in this solo motto behind choosing this course is leading life in a halal way.i.e having halal and giving this course CIFP(charted islamic finance professional) or any islamic banking course have the job pottential.i want to do it from INCEIF malaysia.please put some light on the job oppertunities.

    4. jamalibrahimy says:

      My Allah give you barakah in your life and in your study. if you have Islamic finance product design and development please share with me

    5. masitah says:

      Salam Dr. Zulkifli..i’m a student from USIM who is currently pursuing the bac. degree in marketing financial services. I’m really interested in islamic finance and hopefully i could contribute something for this industry one day. Actually i’m interested to further my master study in islamic finance abroad & Durham University is my dream university. Since you have an experience in doing your PhD there, could you please tell me on how can i apply for admission for that particular university?thanks in advance for your help

    6. hadi says:

      I’m Abdul Hadi Islamic Finance student from KUIS

      May Allah bless you
      many input from this blog that help student like me

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