My Lecture Note

It is important to note that these lecture notes are only aimed at providing guidelines and references. Further reading is required to ensure better understanding on the related subject.

LAB3073 2016 Semester I Islamic Law of Banking and Takaful


















Moot Court

Week 1 Brief Overview of the Course

Week 2 Administration of Islamic Law in Malaysia

Week 3 Court Officers

Week 4 Advocacy Skill 1

Week 4 Advocacy Skill 2

Week 5 Mal Proceedings

Week 6 Criminal Proceeding

Week 8 Professional Ethics

Week 9 Professional Misconduct

Week 10 Contempt of Court

Week 11 Syariah Moot Briefing

Legal Aspects of Islamic Finance 2015/2016

Overview of Islamic Finance

Basis of Islamic Finance

Why Islamic Finance needs Regulation

Regulation on Islamic Finance

Contracts in Islamic Finance

Legal Documentation in Islamic Finance

Shariah Standards

Regulatory Framework of Shariah Governance

Shariah and Legal Issues on Islamic Financial Products

Islamic Finance Cases

Introduction to Takaful

IFSA and Takaful

Legal issues on Takaful

Legal aspect of Islamic Capital Market

Capital Markert Services Act 2007

Islamic Law of Banking and Takaful 2015/2016

Fiqh Muamalat

Administration of Islamic Law in Malaysia 2014/2015

Legal Aspects of Islamic Finance 2014/2015

Legal Aspects of Islamic Finance 2013/2014

Professional Practice 2013-2014


19 thoughts on “My Lecture Note

  1. Jasri Jamal says:


    My Allah give you barakah in your life and in your study.

    Brother J Jamal

    • ZULKIFLI HASAN says:

      Assalamualaikum Bro. Jasri,

      Grateful to hear from you. I met you while I was in Birmingham last year. Thanks for the doa.

      Best Regards

  2. chipmunk82 says:


    Can i get permission from you to put your link in my blog lists? It’s really interesting if i can find someone in legal academia having a good blog 🙂


    Ikmal Hisham, LL.B LL.M
    UiTM Pahang

  3. wan amir akram says:

    Salam Brother,
    Is there such principle in Syariah and Malaysian Islamic Law on time barred especially in immoveable (eg land or dwelling house) Harta Sepencarian cases. If a claimant intentionally delays any application for harta sepencarian to such unreasonable years (eg 20 years) to reap the benefit of increase in the value of the property. Would such action/intention be considered as injustice especially to the other party who had put in countless efforts/large sum of money over the years to cultivate and/or maintain the property?

    Perhaps the claimant would only be entitled to the benefit of the property calculated in the ownership of the property during the subsistence of the marriage…any thoughts on this issue brother?


  4. Mohammad Athique Ullah Kawsar says:

    I’m very pleased to get your blog. I pray for your live long, if you write for muslim ummah and world .

  5. Hassan Idris says:

    Salam ,

    I am overwhelmed by the rich content of your blog. I equally studied Islamic and Civil Law in Nigeria but currently work as a Risk Management officer in a bank. I have lost a grip on Islamic law and finance especially having plunged into full time banking for a while. Alhamdulillah , i have found a renewed interest and drive in islamic finance and I believe your blog would serve my learning purpose. I have also enrolled with IIBI,London for an onlinee PGD in islamic banking and finance.
    Your may be inundated by barrage of enquiries from me concerning issues on islamic law and finance and I pray Allah increase your patience to cope with me.

    Thank you

  6. pencariilmu says:

    salam brother..

    Could you please put some notes regarding the acquisition through accession under the Islamic Law of Property? it’s really hard for me to find via internet and the reference books regarding this matter. maybe you can recommend some books for me.
    Tq,May Allah bless you..

  7. along says:

    salam.. boleh syorkan buku berkenaan al Yamin..

  8. Imam Mansaray says:

    Asalamu Alaikum, many thanks for this great job. May Allah help in spreading the word of Truth, Justice and Faith.

  9. Hjh Hanifah Hj Jenan says:

    Assalamualaikum Dr Zulkifli. I’m Hanifah currently works with Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Berhad. I came accross to your blog while searching some info on Islamic finance fields. Masha Allah…very impressive and enrich blog. Barakallahufeek.

  10. haszlina binti hashim says:

    Assalamualaikum dr…..
    Saya Haszlina dari Politeknik Ungku Omar… nota2 dr amat2 membantu saya dalam perkongsian ilmu dengan pelajar2 sy memandangkan saya masih baru dlm pengetahuan zakat…. Cuma sekarang ni sy masih terkial2 dalam pembinaan soalan. Dr ada tak contoh2 soalan atau pun boleh tak kiranya saya ingin membuat lawatan ke IIUM untuk mendapatkan contoh2 soalan peperiksaan yg lepas di sana…

    Terima kasih

  11. khalilullah quraishi says:

    Aslam ul alikum Dr. sahib
    that is so nice notes for islamic and finance student it is service to all muslim people they will understanding the islamic termenologies and we are appreciate and proud of you especaily afghan students
    best regard
    Khalilullah quraishi

  12. Afiffuddin says:

    Assalamu’alaikum Dr, great sharing indeed. Actually, I’m looking for paper work or presentation about Sulh in Islamic Family. Any idea where can i refer to?

  13. nur says:

    Assalamualaikum.. banyak info, ilmu.,, perkongsian bermanfaat di sini.. terimakasih,,,, moga Allah mudahkan lagi urusan tuan aminnn 🙂

  14. Assalamualaikum. Terimakasih untuk sharing maklumat tuan

  15. Mohd Nor says:

    Assalamualaikum Dr Zul,

    I ask for your permission to use your material as my reference in my teaching.

    Jazakallahu khair

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